Why is SEO proxy important for your business?

October 18, 2020
SEO proxy
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OCTOBER 18, 2020

Increase the online visibility of your business with SEO proxy

An elementary link between the internet and your device is proxy. A proxy allows creating anonymity to secure your identity. It makes the requests and activities appear coming from a different location.


Why Does A Business Need Proxy?

A web proxy is similar to a search engine, in which the user’s IP address remains hidden. The websites thus surfed cannot trackback or identify the location of the user. Some companies use proxy servers that are compatible with several applications and devices. If you wish to have anonymity on the web, an online proxy is sufficient. A proxy server can block certain web pages too. Beyond the security and privacy reasons, a proxy also offers improvement in network performance. Many service providers offer different functionalities too.


Different Types Of Proxies

There are numerous types of proxies based on the configuration, type of use, and more.

  • Transparent proxy – A simple proxy for sharing information through the proxy’s IP address
  • Anonymous proxy – Helps to create privacy during browsing
  • High anonymity proxy – High-end privacy with changing IP addresses
  • Distorting proxy – Similar to anonymous proxy but delivers a wrong IP address
  • Residential proxy – Uses the actual IP address, but is undetectable
  • Datacenter proxy – Does not need a device and uses the computer-generated IP address
  • Public or Private proxy – Public proxy is a free but unreliable proxy, usually set by hackers to steal data. A private proxy is a proxy dedicated for a single client, which could be any of the above six types. You can also choose dedicated proxy (no multiple clients) or, shared proxy (used by a pool of clients)
  • Rotating proxy – The proxy generates a new IP address every time
  • SSL proxy – It is similar to HTTPS, which creates a secure gateway between the server and the client
  • Reverse proxy – This type of proxy hides the IP address of the server that the client is trying to connect

How Businesses Use Proxy For SEO?

SEO proxies help to improve business visibility and receive better customer interaction. It becomes easier for businesses to engage with the customers and create genuine leads. It allows you to get a better perspective and extract high-levels of data. SEO proxy is generally a computer (server), which stands as a bridge between the server and the browser.

Image source: https://www.quora.com/How-does-an-anonymous-proxy-server-work 

Manual SEO proxy helps to use one proxy at a time, whereas the automatic proxy creates multiple proxies simultaneously for various tasks. Before learning how to set up an SEO proxy, you need to know about buying the right one. It is best to choose the one with favoring functionalities. The type that comes with a device is easier to use, as one can use it as a widget and connect as a USB.

Install the SEO proxy and choose the IP address of your choice. Now, connect it, and the proxy will choose to communicate with the server via the selected IP address.


What Are the Values Of Having A Proxy For SEO?


Social Media Management

A company handling different social media account would send messages to the client in bulk. The website’s algorithm would consider such messages to be spam and would block the access. If the company uses a proxy, it can access different social media platforms from different IP addresses, allowing easy access.


Location-based Marketing And Monitoring

You can create individual proxies based on locations to conduct segment-based marketing. It is also possible to conduct location-based promotion activities and ads too. According to a study conducted by Think With Google, 30% of the smartphone-based searches are location-related. Thus, it is essential to focus on location-based marketing.


Avoid Banning

While collecting data or connecting with a huge audience, there is a very high chance of getting blocked by the platform. In such cases, it is best to use proxies that create residential IP for SEO activities. Such a proxy makes it almost impossible to trace back to your IP address for blocking. If your business needs to scout competitors’ or benchmarks’ websites now and then, it is best to choose a proxy.


Quick Loading

Image source: https://itsinfographics.com/15-ways-to-build-powerful-whitehat-backlinks-that-will-rank-your-niche-site/ 

When a user utilizes a proxy, the websites surfed get cached, which allows quicker loading. This speed is not just for user comfort. Google’s one of the criteria for ranking sites is speed. Thus, using an SEO proxy will improve ranking.


Create Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are essential for ranking, but finding quality backlinks is a tedious job. However, if you create multiple backlinks, it would lead to banning. Thus, the crawler should not identify that all the backlinks come from the client, and proxies are the best way to mask the IP address.


Better Data Collection

Since every traffic and activity is stored in the server, it is easier to track multiple metrics like clicks, SEO activities, traffic, and more. Such information can help to generate better strategy and ad campaigns.


Summing Up

SEO proxy is beneficial and becoming necessary for any business to improve visibility, better communication with customers, better ranking, and improve marketing quality. Remember to choose the best service provider and the right product package to enjoy all the advantages mentioned above.


SOURCE: techstory.in
MAIN IMAGE SOURCE: https://reportgarden.com/proxy-for-seo/

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