What Do Terrestrial Microwave Systems Use To Transmit Data?

November 24, 2021
Terrestrial Microwave Systems
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Terrestrial Microwave Systems are the most powerful and reliable way to send data. They allow companies to send data, voice, and video over long distances without cables or wires. They're used by companies worldwide, including some of the biggest names in technology.

Terrestrial microwave systems are used to transmit data in the lower gigahertz range. These antennas need to be directional and parabolic to broadcast and receive signals properly. Microwave transmitters and receivers are usually positioned well above ground level on towers, mountaintops, or atop tall buildings.

The system can send microwaves over long distances through either Terrestrial or Satellite microwave transmissions. The most common form of communication, earth-to-stationary transmission, uses two separate frequencies. These are then combined at the receiving end; this type is also known as Milliterate because there's no need for it to know what other stations around you're doing.

However, all parties involved must have access before any data travel from one station (sender) into orbit. Each party sees only their signal resulting in increased security measures being put forward by both sides until an agreement has been reached about how much bandwidth should go towards voice traffic vs. video conferences, etc.

With all the benefits of terrestrial microwaves, they do have slight drawbacks. Microwave signals are often hindered or damaged by electromagnetic interference. The problem with these transmissions is that they cannot pass through a solid object, making it difficult for them in urban areas with many tall buildings situated close together (this can be seen as an advantage depending on what you want).

However, this deficiency can be solved using repeaters. They can be deployed between two towers if something obstructs the path; microwaves will bounce off any sufficiently soft material like bedrock - meaning they're still able to transmit their signal despite being blocked temporarily.

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