What Software Is Best for Graphic Design?

February 3, 2022
What Software Is Best for Graphic Design?
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Before using software, designers would replicate a design (given as loose drawings and tight comps) by creating the layout framework on an illustration board after a client approved it (using a parallel ruler, T square, non-repro blue pencil, and a triangle). After that, they had to deliver our authorized copy and documented type specifications to be typeset.

A strip of photographic paper was returned to us, which we trimmed, rolled with sticky hot wax on the back, and positioned on the boards in the columns we designed. We ordered photostats for any line art (made with a pen, ink, and Pro-White).

Personal graphics software has forever changed the way designers and fine artists work, whether you're a professional or a hobbyist. In this roundup, we review various graphical applications that have been in the ring since the beginning.

While a slew of want tobes have vanished, several initiatives have endured. Adobe first released illustrator in 1987. Photoshop was released in 1989, the same year Corel announced CorelDRAW. Affinity Designer is a newer 2014 addition. However, it has roots in the now-defunct DrawPlus from 1993.

The options cover a wide range of demands, including raster and vector image editing, typography, and page layout (with InDesign being the primary exponent of the latter). We'll supplement this with a broader range of specialized graphics tools, utilities, and apps.

Aside from program capabilities, one of the first options you'll make when selecting graphics software is how you want to pay. The two Adobe products are only available as part of the massive Creative Cloud subscription suite, but the Corel applications are available for a one-time fee. Inkscape is fully free and open-source, but it makes you do without some significant creature conveniences, such as easy installation on macOS.

Experiment with whatever app or tool combination you've chosen. The more creative and curious you are, the more powerful the tool will become, and your designs will be more spectacular and unique.

Visit our blog section to learn more about the best software for graphic design.

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