How Are Communication Satellites Better Than Terrestrial Microwaves?

December 24, 2021
Communication Satellites
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Telecommunications has been a major part of our society for decades. Communication satellites are a type of artificial satellite that is used for telecommunications. They play an important role in global telecommunication networks. The first communication satellite was Telstar, launched on July 10, 1962. 

It provided the world's first live television coverage of a space launch and enabled people to see the earth from space for the very first time. Today there are over two thousand communications satellites orbiting Earth. These small devices have made it possible for us to communicate with each other across vast distances almost instantly.

Mobile communication is easy to achieve using satellite communication because of its broader coverage area and flexibility in connecting mobile vehicles. Satellites have an average low operating cost. The manufacturing of satellites is expensive, but after that, it would typically operate for years, making this technology both cost-effective and reliable. 

The low operating cost means you won't have any more worries about overpaying bills or not affording the latest technology.  Satellite communication is a great way to connect mobile vehicles too. It has better coverage and is more reliable than terrestrial microwaves. 

Communication satellites are the best option for long-distance transmission. They can cover a large land area and transmit signals from one place to another. The antennas mounted on the towers are at direct sight of each other, which means they don’t have any interference between them. 

This is not possible with the terrestrial microwave because it works on line-of-sight transmission, which means that there has to be a clear path between two antennas for successful signal transfer. Moreover, communication satellites do not require any infrastructure like cables or wires, so it is cost-effective and easy to install and maintain.

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