5 Habits of Reliable Custom Web Application Development Agencies

February 3, 2021
web application development agencies
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by Analytics Insight
February 3, 2021

Web applications have long pointed to the way of the future and, in 2021, that future is here. Web apps are a critical part of eCommerce, an important way for customers to access their accounts, and a vital internal and external communication tool. Having the right web application for your business is the key to success in 2021.

In order to get the best web applications for your company, it makes sense to work with a custom web application development agency. Pick the right agency and you will have a web application that offers one-of-a-kind functional ability with the exact mix of features and benefits you need for your unique business. Pick the wrong one and you will get a branded copycat app that doesn’t accomplish everything you need it to do.

How can you make sure you are picking the right custom web development agency? Certain hallmarks, or habits, in custom web development agencies will help tell you if the agency you are evaluating will be able to deliver the customized solution you need. Here are five habits of reliable custom web application development agencies.

1. Flexible approach

Custom means something different for every client. Usually it means taking each development project in appropriate directions depending on what best suits the client’s needs. To do this, an agency needs to be flexible. This willingness to change and adapt practices and processes to fit the client’s needs is the only way to deliver a truly customized solution.

In addition to having different needs, each client will have different budgets and timeframes. If a custom web application agency can’t flex its style and process to make these deliverables, chances are you will be getting what the developer wants for your web application instead of what you truly need.

Flexibility can be easily tested when meeting with a custom web application development agency. Go into the interaction with a clear set of guidelines, needs, and requirements for your application. If the agency works on ways to meet these expectations, that’s a good sign. If they try to talk you into “their way”, that’s not showing flexibility. This Liventus article goes further to explain the importance of flexibility in custom web application development.

2. Solicit feedback during the development process

During the custom web application development process involves making hundreds of decisions. Developers need to make decisions on everything from the look and feel of the app to which features to add and which to cut. A reliable custom web application development agency will have a transparent development process and will seek client feedback throughout the process. Other agencies may well just deliver a final product with little or no client involvement.

As a client, one of the best ways to figure out how much input a developer will allow you to have is by determining the development methodology they use. The two major methods are agile and waterfall.

In the waterfall method, the developer engages in a very specific set of steps with each one building on the last. They follow these steps to the end then deliver the final product. There isn’t much room for feedback or flexibility in this process.

Agile development is done in blocks of time called sprints. This process engages the client throughout the development process to ensure that the final product is what the client wants and needs and that it is as user-friendly as possible.

3. Focus on security

As important as web applications are to businesses in 2021, security is just as, if not more important. In 2019, protection from cyberattacks had already become incredibly important to businesses, large and small. With the rise of eCommerce and more people working from home than ever in 2020 due to the global pandemic, cybercrime rose exponentially.

When evaluating custom web application development agencies, make sure that the security of the application is a top priority. The latest security measures should be baked into the initial application and be easily updated to the latest security software updates. This is the best way to protect sensitive company and customer data from hackers. A non-customized app may not offer this level of protection.

4. Time taken to understand your business

Custom means that an application is made just for you and your business. If a custom web application development agency doesn’t understand who you are, what you do, or why you do it, can they really make a custom application for you?

Understanding your business doesn’t mean knowing all the ins and outs of your manufacturing process or how you manage your clients’ money. It just means that the developer takes the time to ask questions about your business and how the application will fit into it. If a custom web application development agency doesn’t take this step to get to know your company, chances are you will be getting a pretty generic application.

5. Incorporate Future Possibilities

A reliable custom web application development agency won’t just hand you your app and walk away. They shouldn’t talk in terms of a singular project timeline, either. The best custom web application development agencies know that a custom application isn’t about now; it’s about what is ahead.

When you speak with an agency, the developers should talk in terms of what the application offers now as well as what the application offers for future potential needs. How can the application grow with your company? How can you scale your app as you get more users or more customers? How can its functionality be changed as your needs and priorities change? If an agency isn’t asking these forward-looking questions, chances are you will be looking for another agency too soon after your initial project is done.


Custom web applications are a crucial part of business in 2021. Finding a custom web application development agency to create a unique app for your unique company is an important part of finding success in this arena. When looking for a reliable custom web application development agency, remember to keep an eye out for companies that are flexible, seek feedback, are serious about security, understand your business, and think about the future.

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